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Youth Tobacco Portal Demo page. All images will be full screen and linked to appropriate content. 

Screen 1 (below) - Opening screen. This screen will appear when the kiosk screen is initially touched. It will be accompanied by MTV type music. When the button area "What's so wrong with tobacco?" is touched, Screen 2 (below) will appear. When "Get BUSTED" button is touched, Screen 4 appears. (Page down for more)

Screen 2 (below) - Second level screen. This screen will appear when "What's so wrong with tobacco?" button area on Screen 1 (above) is touched. It will have an audio narration simultaneously played. When the button area "WE OWN U" is touched, Screen 3 (below) will appear. (Page down for more)

Screen 3 (below) - Video screen. This screen will feature a video of a full-featured human character speaking about the tobacco companies, how believable they are and how they are getting a bum rap. As the character goes on he/ she turns into a skeleton. 

Screen 4 (below) - Get BUSTED 1.

Screen 5 (below) - Get BUSTED 2

.Screen 6 (below) - Get BUSTED 3

Screen 7 (below) - Get BUSTED 4


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