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Welcome to the Healthier Days and Workplace WellnessSuite Program information section. Here, employers can learn more about the programs and the impact they can have on their employees' health and company bottom line. 

Program Outline



OVERVIEW, LLC and St. Andrew Development, Inc. are pleased to introduce a workplace wellness solution that offers a two pronged approach - behavior and education.

Combining the unique skill sets of each organization a dual approach to influencing employees to take action that will result in healthier days for them and their loved ones. Understanding what steps to take (education) and then being motivated to take them (behavior) constitute the key elements of the programs. 

Workplace WellnessSuite emphasizes the value of 1. eating well, 2. exercising regularly, 3. not smoking and 4. seeing your doctor regularly for check ups.

The Healthier Days Program provides the motivation for employees to act in accordance with these now universally recognized guidelines for a healthier employee and a healthier bottom line. 


Workplace WellnessSuite©

Employers Teaming with HealthcareData and St. Andrew Development to Reduce Insurance Costs, Improve Employee Productivity and  and Quality of Life

The US Center for disease Control reports that the cost of cancer alone in America is $107,000,000,000 annually. Almost $40 billion of this is attributable to direct medical cost and the remaining $77 billion is attributable productivity costs to business. Double the cost impact of heart disease and employers are left with a whooping $321 billion price tag.

St. Andrew and HealthcareData understand that a significant portion of this expense is preventable. Educating a workforce as a prelude to intervention represents a critical component of the disease prevention model.

To learn more about the health education models that St. Andrew offers call 717-848-5818, email us at or click HERE.  


 Healthier Days TM Program©

The Healthier Days Program, as the name suggests, is a wellness program. This Program was developed and is managed by, LLC (HDC).

A Perspective and Brief Description
"I've seen healthier days." …… "I seek healthier days."

As we grow older, most of us can probably relate to the first statement and would like to pursue the second one. The truth of the matter is that, while we cannot change the past, where we may have experienced "healthier days," most of us can do something about our future — we can, indeed, seek "healthier days."

Healthier Days Process
The Healthier Days Program has one purpose — to help people pursue "healthier days." What to pursue is up to each person — everybody has their own ideas of what would be "healthier days" for them. How to pursue "healthier days" is up to us — you and HDC working together and within our Healthier Days Process. Everybody follows the same process to reach different ends (their own "healthier days").


More Information

For More Information about Healthier Days & The Workplace WellnessSuite Programs
If you are interested in receiving more information on the Healthier Days Program, please complete the information request form and a representative from, LLC will contact you. Thank you for your interest and we hope you will soon have Healthier Days!


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A special thanks to Clyde Frankenberry from Top Gun Recruiters for helping to promote this great program to his nation-wide client base. Thanks, Clyde!! 




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